Real Food Hacks: Secret Spinach

I’m sure you know that spinach is good for you.  It’s been considered a food for health for hundreds of years and is a good source of nutrients like iron and folic acid plus a whole range of vitamins and minerals.  It is high in calcium too, although the calcium is not as easily absorbed by the body as some other sources.  However not everyone likes its bitter taste, especially children.  Here’s how I sneak spinach into our diet:

  • add a handful of baby leaf spinach to salads
  • in smoothies – it will turn green but the taste is not overpowering, just add your favourite fruit or for a real treat some cacao/cocoa powder for a chocolate hit.
  • on the side at breakfast (raw, baby-leaf spinach)
  • buy frozen chopped spinach and add it to anything ‘saucy’ – curry, stew, soup, bolognese sauce etc – this the main way my kids eat spinach as neither of them will eat salad leaves!

What are your favourite spinach recipes? Do your kids like spinach?

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