A Happy, Healthy Easter

Easter is on it’s way! Are you ready?

If you’re dealing with allergies, Dairy Free Baby and Me has a brilliant round up here of all the free from Easter eggs available on the market.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see that all the supermarkets have had at least one ‘free from’ Easter egg on the shelves this year.  There are also lots available online.  It’s also worth looking out for Easter versions of sweets, we’ve found Haribo and Jelly Bunnies (Jelly Babies) in Easter packaging.

Many of us nowadays are looking to reduce our intake of sugar, and so here are some alternative ideas for a fun Easter than don’t involve lots of sugar.  They also have the added bonus of being dairy free, gluten free, soya free, egg free, and nut free!  Please note this posts contains affiliate links, which means I will get a small commission if you buy anything after clicking on the link, but the cost is the same to you.  Thank you for supporting my blog!

Last year we bought my Lego-mad eldest daughter a Lego Easter bunny.  We hid the pieces in some inexpensive plastic eggs and had our very own Easter egg hunt at home.  If Lego is not your kid’s thing, Playmobil also have a great range of Easter eggs with different themes including Mermaid, Princess, Pirate, Zoo Keeper and more!

If your kids like crafts, why not fill an Easter basket with Easter craft kits, stickers and activities?  I like this cross stitch kit, Easter egg house, colouring sheets.  This is the option we’re going for this year, and it has the added benefit of giving them something to do over the school holidays!


I believe that experiences make better gifts than things, so how about this set of Easter bunny photo props?  You can have fun with your kids taking funny Easter selfies.  Great for older kids who may have grown out of crafts and egg hunts.


Younger children and babies may appreciate a soft toy, or what about these ‘Hide n Squeak’ eggs, which will be played with for months to come?



With spring on the way, the weather is warming up and over the break you may want some outdoor activities to do with your child.  How about these tub stilts, a bubble wand, or a vegetable gardening kit?


What are your favourite ideas for a healthy, happy, allergy friendly Easter?

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